We Stand Together Steering Committee

AC UK as a member of the steering committee seeks to promote respect, tolerance, stronger and safer communities, and to prevent radicalisation.

Young Leaders Program

The young leader's program was geared towards building young leaders with the African Community and to inspire the African youths in politics, economy, education and community engagement and volunteering. This program was made up of three sessions that spanned a year. Thank you to our partners, BoltonCDP and IOD.

Hot Meals For The Community

As part of our reach out projects we gave hot meals to members of the African community during the lockdown, we reached out to those who needed hot meals and this made a huge difference to the recipients.

Israel African Partnership

African Council UK is in partnership with the government of Israel to work actively with communities and countries especially African countries, through sharing of knowledge and expertise in economic and community development. This is a platform designed to help bring stakeholders from the African communities, PCA, Jewish communities, Israel embassy working collaboratively to develop Africa. A platform for stakeholders to discuss possibilities and network more effectively to benefit all parties.

Health And Employability Skills Project

During the pandemic, we have African families facing a lot of challenges from physical health, mental health. African Council UK organized mental health sessions and workshops. This has helped the African community who are experiencing loss of jobs, income and livelihood to acquire new skills and assisted to alleviate the pressure they were experiencing and their mental health. We would like to thank our partners for their support. Thank you to our partners, BoltonCDP and IOD.

Foodbank For The African Community

During the pandemic, we have African families facing a lot of challenges from physical health, mental health, and those who lack access to food because of loss of jobs. African Council UK set up a food bank that reached out to individuals and families. This has gone a long way to help alleviate the pressure they were experiencing.

Domestic Violence - Mens Shoulders Project

African Council UK project on domestic violence looked into the perspective of men as victims. We had group sessions and one to one sessions and made information available to victims of domestic violence. African Council UK was able to meet with groups of men and was able to impact useful information, the participants gained knowledge and awareness of domestic violence against men and there were volunteers who gained experience in community service and fulfilled their potentials by working with African Council UK to address this issue.

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